Traffic Light Countdown Timer

Why Countdown Timer?

Traffic Light Countdown Timer is a device developed and manufactured in order to increase the safety in traffic by displaying the remaining time of red or green light.

Save fuel, smooth traffic flow, and reduce driver stress. Seriously.

  • Less pollution and fuel consumption - Drivers can turn OFF their vehicles while waiting for the green light.

  • Drivers can make better and safe traffic decisions based on the time remaining of green or red light.

  • Not to mention the accumulated anxiety and stress because of the endless number of traffic intersections - With countdown timer you can allow your mind to relax while waiting for the green light to appear and do some other things like checking your child or changing the radio station, instead of readying yourself to jump on the accelerator.


Housing Material

UV-stabilized polycarbonate housing that can be easily mounted into existing traffic signals.

Microprocessor Technology

Modern microprocessor technology ensures 100% reliability in all situations.

Self-learning Mechanism

Integrated self-learning system that automatically sets the duration of the red/green time interval.

Traffic Light Countdown Timer

LED Technology

Adjustable display brightness of LEDs.


Signal size 210mm 2 digits, signal size 300mm 2½ digits.

Power Supply

Countdown timer powers itself from the power supply of the existing traffic lights.

3 Years Warranty!

Three years of warranty as well as post warranty service and support guarantees that by choosing our product, you ensure yourself and your community a reliable partner in traffic safety.

Unbeatable Support

Choose Quality. Choose Simplicity. Choose Safety. And Choose Wisely. Your Choice for Traffic Equipment.

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