Seed Control

Simple is Better

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How It Works

The Seed Control is a new electronic monitoring system for detecting seed flow or seed blockage situations in pneumatic seed drills.

Blockage sensors are installed between the distribution head and the coulters so they can detect even the partial blockages in any of the distribution pipes.

If the system detects a blockage, it immediately alerts the farmer with a visual and audible alarm, thus providing the farmer with a highly effective technology to prevent unseeded strips during the seeding program.


It's Fast

Seed flow registry in under 0.2 Sec!

It's Intelligent

By using the intelligent and original technical solutions, our system recognises all drill statuses during the seeding process!

It Automatically Adjusts Brightness of the Display

Integrated photo sensor adjusts the brightness of the display to match the ambient lighting conditions. Again, better user experience, saves power.

Seed Control Blockage Monitor for Air Drills

It Stores Information

Built-in memory stores all your previously entered settings!

It Has Multilingual Interface

Choose multiple languages to work with, from English all the way up to the Russian! You can even choose Latin or Cyrillic Alphabet!

And It's Simple

It's unique in terms of its aesthetic quality and features. It has unexpected ease of use. And it's designed to make the user feel good.

Successfully Installed On:

3 Years Warranty!

Three years of warranty as well as post warranty service and support guarantees that by choosing our product, you ensure yourself a reliable partner in agricultural electronics.

Unbeatable Support

Seed Control.
The Ideal Companion for Your Air Drill.

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Seed Control Product Brochure
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Seed Control ST-SC1 - Tehnical Specifications, Instruction Manual and Warranty Card
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