Portable Traffic Signals

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Presenting the "I'm on Time Technology"®

Our "I'm on Time Technology"® dynamically adjusts the duration of Green time, according to the traffic conditions at different times of the day.

By using the smart algorithms, the "I'm on Time Technology"® starts clearing the queue as soon as it begins to lengthen on one end of the construction zone by automatically extending the duration of Green time.

This results in a more optimised traffic flow, reduced driver frustration and less need for manual intervention.

Featuring the Newest Technologies

  • To ensure the timely warning in case of possible problems such as low battery, SMS containing the description of the fault will be promptly sent to the on-duty worker along with the exact GPS location.

  • Instead of the commonly used DAY/NIGHT mode for adjusting the LED brightness of the signal aspects, we have successfully developed our own AUTO-BRIGHTNESS TECHNOLOGY that keeps the LED brightness always at the optimum level.

  • As of 2019, the countdown timer comes as a standard feature on all of our portable traffic signals.

  • And with an average 0.08A power consumption during the night-time mode, we have made one of the most energy-efficient portable traffic sIgnals in the world!


Countdown Timer

Reduce driver stress by displaying the duration of Red or Green time.

SMS Notification

Receive timely warnings, such as LOW BATTERY, VEHICLE DETECTOR ERROR, RF ERROR or POWER BREAK with the exact GPS location!

Vehicle Detection System

Detect vehicle presence and its arrivals to modify the signal timings!

Portable Traffic Lights with RF Link Communication Countdown Timer and Radar Detector ST-PS4

Minimum Power Consumption

Up to 25 days with a single
battery charge!

Radio Communication

Hi-Frequency long-range radio communication with conflict monitoring.
RF distance up to 2000m under ideal conditions.

Height Adjustment

Set the overall height up to 3m using the adjustable pole.

Radio Communication up to 2000m & Vehicle Actuated Mode

The Vehicle Actuated System provides the optimum response to the real-time traffic conditions! Reduce delays, take care of short-term fluctuations in traffic flow and increase capacity with VA mode!

Single Lane

Alternating Traffic



Cross Road


Minimum Power Consumption

We have managed to develop one of the most energy-efficient portable traffic sIgnals in the world.

To achieve this, our engineers have developed among other things the AUTO-BRIGHTNESS TECHNOLOGY that keeps the brightness of the signal aspects always at the optimum level. This gradual LED brightness adjustment is not only easy on the eye for the oncoming drivers, but has reduced the power consumption by an additional 37%!

Now you can use Sphere portable traffic signals up to 25 days using a single battery charge!

Made in Europe

Choose Quality.
Choose Safety.
And Choose Wisely.
Your Choice for Temporary Traffic Management.

EU Declaration of Conformity

Test Report Number: 21583EMC18075
ETSI EN 301 489-1 v2.2.0; ETSI EN 301 489-3 v2.1.1; EN 50293:2012
Sphere portable traffic signals meet the requirements of the applicable European Conformity directives.
The model type ST-PS4 is designed for compliance with TOPAS 2502B.

Portable Traffic Lights with Countdown Timer Vehicle Actuation and Radio Communication Text Notification for Portable Traffic Lights Containing the Description of the Fault Vehicle Actuation System Temporary Traffic Signals Portable Traffic Lights Signal Head with Countdown Timer and Radio Communication Sphere Portable Traffic Lights with I'm On Time Technology Sphere Portable Traffic Lights with RF Communication and Vehicle Detector Portable Traffic Lights Adjustable Pole RF-Communication


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