Driver Feedback Signs

Keep it QUIET!
Presenting Noise Limit Warning Sign

The noise limit warning sign detects oncoming vehicles and, based on the noise they are making (e.g. noise levels above 84dB), displays a warning message for drivers to ease up on the accelerator while passing through a village or neighbourhood whose residents prefer a calmer and quieter environment.

The noise limit warning signs are already successfully installed in Austrian villages where there were many complaints from local residents about noise from motorcycle drivers, from spring until autumn.

Dot-Matrix Display

Each matrix module we install consists of 8x16 pixels capable of displaying Latin, Cyrillic or Arabic alphabet with animated text or graphics, while LED digit size of 390mm ensures excellent visibility to all oncoming drivers.

Our efficient power consumption system guarantees flawless operation even with several weeks of snowy, rainy of foggy weather, when there is limited sunlight available for the solar cells to absorb.

The wide viewing angle LEDs provide excellent visibility in all weather conditions, while adaptive photosensor technology adjusts the brightness of the LEDs in more than 100 different levels of luminosity.


LED Technology

Wide viewing angle LEDs
for even better visibility!

Dot-Matrix Display

By using the dot-matrix display, the client can program all kinds of feedback messages for added impact, such as "WARNING", SCHOOL ZONE", "SLOW DOWN" and many more all in one traffic sign!

Compact Design

Featuring compact design that fits perfectly in any city environment.

Sphere Led Traffic Sign Housing

Additional Measurements

Beside speed, our signs can also measure temperature, humidity and noise!

Global Connection

By using the GSM/GPRS connection you can control and change the settings and messages on the sign and at the same time download various traffic statistics from the comfort of your office!

Schedule Working Hours

24/7 365 day unlimited programming and scheduling.

Reflective Stickers

Premium traffic safety is our obligation, that's why each of our Sphere traffic signs is additionally ensured with reflective stickers!

Power Options
Solar Panel
Street Light Network
Mains AC

Some of Our Work

Made in Europe

Choose Quality.
Choose Safety.
And Choose Wisely.
Your Choice for Variable Message Signs.

EU Declaration of Conformity

Sphere VMS meet all of the requirements of the applicable European Conformity directives.

Radar Speed Display LED Driver Feedback Sign Noise Limit Warning Sign Radar Speed Display - Radar Speed Sign Solar Powered Highway Safety and Warning Signs LED Traffic Sign with Reflective Stickers LED Road Sign


Driver Feedback Sign - Radar Speed Sign by SPHERE Technologies
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Noise Limit Warning Sign by SPHERE Technologies
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