LED Traffic Signs

Eye-Catching Design

With its rounded edges, protective Plexiglas, the optimum ratio of geometrical shapes and batteries contained in one single, compact unit, Sphere traffic signs fit perfectly in any environment.

LED Technology

A key requirement of each LED traffic sign is its functionality and a long distance visibility in bad weather. That's why we have developed the most efficient energy consumption system on the market that guarantees flawless operation even with several weeks of snowy, rainy of foggy weather, with very limited sunlight.

The directed LED's provide excellent visibility in all conditions, while built-in ambient light sensor and automatic brightness adjustment regulates the LEDs so they don't blind the approaching drivers.


LED Technology

LEDs provide excellent visibility and minimal energy consumption (Eco-Friendly).

Dot-matrix Display (New Standard Feature)

By using the dot-matrix display, the client can program all kinds of feedback messages for added impact, such as "WARNING", SCHOOL ZONE", "SLOW DOWN" and many more all in one traffic sign!

Compact Design

Featuring compact design that fits perfectly in any city environment.

Sphere Led Traffic Sign Housing

Additional Measurements

Beside speed, our signs can also measure temperature, humidity and noise!

Global Connection

By using the GSM/GPRS connection you can control and change the settings and messages on the sign and at the same time download various traffic statistics from the comfort of your office!

Schedule Working Hours

24/7 365 day unlimited programming and scheduling.

Reflective Stickers

Premium traffic safety is our obligation, that's why each of our Sphere traffic signs is additionally ensured with reflective stickers!

Power Options
Solar Panel
Street Light Network
Mains AC

Some of Our Work

3 Year Warranty!

Three years of warranty as well as post warranty service and support guarantee that by choosing our LED traffic signs you ensure both to yourself and your community a reliable partner in traffic safety.

Unbeatable Support

Choose Quality. Choose Simplicity. Choose Safety. And Choose Wisely. Your Choice for LED Traffic Signalization.

Radar Speed Display - Radar Speed Sign Solar Powered Highway Safety and Warning Signs LED Road Sign LED Traffic Sign with Reflective Stickers LED Driver Feedback Sign


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